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View Looking South East on Euclid Avenue
Large Conference Room Looking West Large Conference Room looking East South Entrance Art South Entrance Lobby from South Corridor Center Corridor Looking North Center Corridor West Wall Center Corridor Looking South First floor Signage CenterCorridor East Wall Euclid Avenue Lobby Looking South Euclid Avenue Lobby Lookiing North Second Floor Common Area  Central Stair Third Floor Directory Third Floor Common Area Central Stair at Fourth Floor Future Tenant Space South Quadrants Future Tenant Space Northwest Quadrant looking West Fourth Floor Directory Fourth Floor Common Area Men's Room Finishes Women's Room Finishes   Aeriel Photo Looking to Cleveland Clinic 1/3 mile East Center Corridor East Wall Center Corridor North Wall Center Corridor West Wall Looking North North Facade Viewed from East 71st & Euclid Northeast Corner Facade viewed from East 71st & Euclid     Center Corridor Looking at North West Wall Developer Scott Garson in South Corridor near South Lobby Entrance South Lobby Looking Northwest Northeast Quadrant Tenant Space View Looking East